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Subway Self-service Terminal Mobile Payment Application Program
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-04-17 | Views:412

In recent years, China’s major cities subway station to continue to add self-service ticket terminal, to provide passengers with the convenient self-service channel. However, We always see some domestic subway station buy tickets to have a long queue, but the self-service ticket machine almost nobody.

self-service tickets machine

Why is the self-service ticket machine suffered this situation? The editor summarizes the questions raised by the passengers during the research process:

1, the machine more liked the new money than old money, passengers can not buy tickets even though they have money;
2, identify the currency is only can identify a few currency, often need to passengers to the service window for exchange money;
3, the traditional machine can only purchase tickets, does not support the subway card recharge;
4, part of the machine ticket only to support the coin change, inconvenient to carry;
5, part of the machine appears to swallow the money phenomenon, the system stability to be considered
6, ……

In view of the above problems, Shenzhen Rakinda, together with self-help ticket terminal manufacturers, software solutions to push self-help ticket terminal upgrade program to help the efficient operation of the subway station at the same time, to promote self-service terminal industry and upgrade.

self-service tickets machine

In the program, self-service ticket terminal with the latest purchase of the recharge system, through the embedded two-dimensional code scanner integration of two-dimensional code automatic identification technology and mobile Internet information technology, integrated self-service ticket, self-recharge, sweep payment and other functions together, To achieve a reasonable peak subway station diversion, ease the pressure of people, but also enhance the user experience.

Plan to build
1, the software upgrade: added self-recharge function, mobile phone payment Alipay WeChat scanning payment function;
2, hardware upgrades: combined with embedded two-dimensional code scanner to expand the scan payment window;
Note: Please contact Shenzhen Rakinda for details of the program.

Program income
1, for passengers to provide fast self-service tickets, recharge, payment channels, but also to achieve passenger recharge and ticket effective diversion.
2, to avoid the passengers “forgotten wallet”, “cash is not enough” and “queuing for exchange money” troubles, enhance the user experience, but also ease the pressure of supply.
3, “no cash” to pay the way to travel, saving the cost of passengers time to enhance the efficiency of subway operations, but also conducive to promoting the city green travel.

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