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Self-service Ticket Machines Grab The Limelight By Scanning 2D Code In Cinema
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-04-20 | Views:404

It is “Fast and Furious 8” super movie release, premiere the same day the cinema have so many people, the box office was broken 4 million! The face of such a warm audience, the cinema how to allow our customers to enjoy a more fun viewing experience? Here would have to introduce “self-service ticket machine

self-service ticket machine

According to the editors in-depth understanding, the occasion of the “Fast and Furious 8”, the cinema to further enhance the experience of consumers to introduce self-service ticket machine, the addition of two-dimensional code scanning head, to provide consumers with the sweep code fast track. Consumers through the mobile phone booking tickets to obtain two-dimensional code vouchers, and then in the self-service ticket machine scanning window brush, verify the success can print tickets. The whole process is convenient and quick, no need to line up, by the wide acclaim, but also cause everyone discusses to self-service machine sweep code application technology.

So, self-service ticket machine sweep code is how to achieve it? With this question, the editor specially to the self-service terminal two-dimensional code scanning application program Shenzhen Rakinda Consulting on the cinema self-service ticket machine to pick up the ticket to achieve the principle.

self-service ticket machine

According to reports, the cinema ticketing system docking Mito, glutinous rice, cat’s eye and other O2O service platform to expand the mobile terminal ticketing distribution platform; and in terms of hardware, the cinema self-service terminal to embedded two-dimensional code scanning module for the “electronic eye” Dimensional code payment technology and Internet data transmission technology, to achieve self-service scan tickets, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the cinema service.

Shenzhen Rakinda specializes in self-service terminal dedicated embedded bar code scanning head and solutions for the self-service industry to upgrade the industry and innovation and development to provide new impetus. Welcome interested friends to inquire!

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