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Good News! Brush Alipay On Changsha Bus
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-04-21 | Views:390

Take the bus forget the bus card, there is no money how do you do? Brush the phone Alipay to pay it! Recently, media reports, Changsha part of the bus credit card equipment has been completed function upgrade, the addition of barcode scanner, brush Alipay Bus Code, just a few seconds will be able to purchase tickets.

It is reported that Changsha upgraded version of the bus credit card terminal to ensure that function based on the IC card payment,  the embedded barcode scanner, through the bus payment system and docking Alipay interface, to provide passengers with sweep payment services. At present, a bus company in Changsha has 405, 406 buses on a total of 22 upgraded version of the bus to pay the terminal, the integration of a variety of payment methods. If the public ride no bus card, no money, brush mobile phone can also take the bus.

bus mobile payment

 In view of the bus to pay high-frequency scanning operations demand, the bus company to pay the terminal scan performance to a higher demand. As a two-dimensional code automatic identification technology experts, Shenzhen rakinda up with the bus to pay the terminal manufacturers to launch the bus card mobile payment application program.

According to reports, the program for the traditional bus payment system to upgrade, through the 4500 series of two-dimensional code scanner using two-dimensional code payment technology and mobile Internet technology, integration of diversified payment channels to solve the public car forgotten bus card, exchange change Bring the inconvenience to enhance the market travel experience at the same time, promote the city’s energy-saving environmental protection and green bus development.

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