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Barcode Scanner Module In Intelligent Gates Application
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-05-25 | Views:381

Intelligent gates are traditional gates and “Internet +” fusion of innovative products. Compared with the traditional gates, intelligent gates through the two-dimensional code scanning module fusion barcode automatic identification technology, combined with the ticket system, access control systems, and other systems, in different special occasions to play a greater role, Here the Editor to summarize.

1, subway gates: scan mobile phone to through gate
Guangzhou subway station upgrade version of “wisdom gates”, through the mobile phone buy the ticket passengers, no need take ticket, can straight use the phone buy ticket two-dimensional code placed in the gate machine scan window scan, verification successful can through;

subway gates with barcode scanner module

2, scenic gates: scan code check-in ticket
In the big sand terminal pier at the mouth there are a “wisdom gates”, visitors only need to subscribe to the mobile phone two-dimensional code electronic tickets in the gates of the scanning window scan about 2 seconds to complete the ticket quickly Scenic area.

3, station gate: scan phone to check-in ticket
Changsha West Railway Station “wisdom gates”, the addition of two-dimensional code scanner, passengers only need to scan the two-dimensional code ticket in the self-check gate on the scanning window, you can check the ticket station.

4, community gates: scan mobile access
Shenzhen community access gate machine embedded in the two-dimensional code mobile phone bar code scanner, the owner of the scanner to display bar code permits, scanning success can be achieved from the community door to the building access control, and then to the user door “one code can through”;

community gates with barcode scanner module

With the development of mobile Internet and intelligent terminal, “smart gates scan mobile phone two-dimensional code application” in the subway station, bus station, tourist attractions, factory parks, building communities and other fields have a wide space. As a special bar code automatic identification technology, Shenzhen Rakinda has launched a special two-dimensional code scanning module series products, help self-service terminals, channel gates, scanning terminals and other manufacturers innovation and change, to seize the two-dimensional code gate machine application market.

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