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Scan Barcode Payment Will Be Popular In Guangzhou Bus Subway
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-05-26 | Views:384

Recently, Guangzhou Yangcheng and Alipay announced the “Internet +” comprehensive cooperation agreement, which marks the scan barcode payment will be popular in Guangzhou bus subway. The future, the user can “Yangcheng Card” into the Alipay, the phone into “electronic bus card”, no longer need to carry physical cards.

Information shows that “Yangcheng Card” is the necessities of life in Guangzhou, with a Yangcheng card, can take a variety of modes of transportation, in convenience stores, supermarkets, fast food restaurants, car parks and other scenes can also use the credit card. The full cooperation with Alipay, the use of Yangcheng Card will be more convenient, the user does not need to worry about the Insufficient balance of bus card, fixed-point recharge. For example, the user to take the bus, the phone will generate “Yangcheng Card” exclusive “traffic two-dimensional code”, aimed at the bus on the card reader scanner module, you can complete the “scan card” behavior.

Scan Barcode Payment Will Be Popular In Guangzhou Bus Subway

With the deepening of mobile payment, many people worry about whether the traditional card will be affected. But from the Yangcheng and Alipay’s cooperation model, this worry does not seem to hold. Insiders believe that the “Internet + mobile payment” has been in many areas with the initial results in the city card area is no exception, the city card, and scan payment can be prepared with the same differences, mutual benefit, and win-win situation.

As a public transport scan payment solution provider, Shenzhen Rakinda Co., Ltd. jointly launched a set of smart bus / subway mobile payment application program, the full use of bar code recognition technology and mobile Internet technology integration of new scan payment function to meet the needs of diversified passenger payment At the same time, to help public transport efficient operation. If you are interested in such products, may wish to inquire.

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