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Intelligent Cooking Machine Barcode Scanning Automatic Cooking Let You Become “Kitchen God”
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-06-07 | Views:375

Takeaway difficult to swallow, but do not cook how to do it? It does not matter, intelligent cooking machine automatic cooking food, let you become “kitchen god”! Recently, a Shenzhen automatic cooking machine market caused the public to stir up.

According to the introduction, intelligent cooking machine built-in barcode scanning module, combined with the intelligent cooking system, can automatically identify recipes two-dimensional code, according to the professional chef custom recipe program automatically step by step to feed ingredients to achieve Chinese food on the step feeding, heating control requirements.

Intelligent Cooking Machine Barcode Scanning Automatic Cooking Let You Become “Kitchen God”

Users through the mobile phone smart cooking APP out of the recipe two-dimensional code, placed in the intelligent cooking machine scanning window sweep, you can automatically match the proportion of ingredients and cooking mode, be cooking the whole automatic cooking, no need to wait on the side. If you are tired of the system comes with the recipe, the user can enter the new recipe through APP itself.

Intelligent cooking machine based on Internet thinking, to improve people’s way of life, to achieve automatic scanning code, is the Internet technology for the benefit of people another specific performance. As a barcode scanning application brand program providers, Shenzhen rakinda of professional supply of smart home appliances dedicated barcode scanner and application program, the use of Internet technology to help home appliances manufacturers to promote the Internet + smart appliance industry upgrade. If you are interested in such applications, may wish to inquire.

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