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Hospital Self-service Printer Barcode Reader – Sweep Fast Print Report Card
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“Queuing 1 hour, see a doctor 3 minutes” is the most frequently heard about the patient complained about. In recent years, in order to facilitate the public to seek medical treatment, reduce waiting time, many hospitals in China to introduce a variety of self-service terminal equipment, which has inspection report self-service printer. This is a smart medical construction of a self-service convenience, the patient only needs to detect the doctor’s bar code issued in the machine’s bar code reader brush, you can query, print test report.

report self-service printer

Traditional outpatient examination report form is generally printed by the laboratory staff after the unified print to the report form to receive the collection. The inspection report self-service printer combined with the medical test report system, through the embedded barcode reader fusion barcode automatic identification technology and mobile Internet data transmission technology to achieve patient self-service scan code query, print test report card.

Compared with the traditional manual management, inspection report self-service printer application to achieve a 24-hour self-service inspection report print service, both to optimize the hospital’s business processes, improve the efficiency of the hospital, saving labor costs, But also to enable patients to quickly and easily take the report card,  the phenomenon of waiting in the inspection window to wait for the report is the basic disappearance, while avoiding the manual operation of the reported loss, accumulation, confusion, information disclosure and so on.

report self-service printer

At present, the equipment part of the Shenzhen hospital testing department, radiology have been on-line use. And as an automatic identification technology experts, Shenzhen Rakinda professional self-service terminal dedicated embedded bar code scanning modules and solutions, for the self-service industry to upgrade the industry and innovation and development to provide new impetus. Welcome interested friends to inquire!

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