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Tianjin Bus Scan Mobile Payment In May
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-06-08 | Views:378

Mobile Internet era, whether it is a large supermarket checkout or street shops, and even in the food market and breakfast stalls, scan barcode payment can be seen everywhere. Mobile phone wallet has become the public consumption of the normal. In order to meet the public to pay the preferences, to enhance the level of urban public transport services, Tianjin Binhai public transport plan use scans mobile payment service.

Recently, Tianjin Binhai Bus and Alipay has signed a cooperation agreement, to be launched in May from the try to promote the mobile payment and other Internet technology in the city public transport industry to promote the use of.

Tianjin Bus Scan Mobile Payment In May

At present, Binhai New Area is replacing the 880 road car credit card machine, in order to achieve scan code function. It is expected that will run when shortly after the completion of the test. By then, The public only needs to brush the phone Alipay can take the bus. The public through the Alipay APP homepage of the “city service” to receive a virtual bus card. When driving, as long as the open Alipay home “pay” function, the virtual bus card on the “ride code” at the bus scan on the scan, hear “di” after that credit card to pay success.

Scan phone Alipay to take the bus, as a supplement to the traditional bus payment, not only to avoid the lack of bus card balance, no exchange money of embarrassment, enhance the user experience, but also will greatly improve the operational efficiency of the bus group.

As the Internet of Things application brand program, Shenzhen rakinda for the development trend of public transport, in particular, the introduction of public transport mobile payment application program, the phone “turned” bus card, the user can directly “brush phone” take bus. If you are interested in such applications may wish to inquire!

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