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Tencent Bus Barcode RD300 bus QR code Payment Device
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-11-06 | Views:192
Tencent's bus barcode has been put into trial operation in Beijing. The Tencent bus code supports more than 5,000 buses in more than 500 bus lines in Tongzhou, Changping, Shunyi, Miyun, Daxing and Pinggu now.

If users want to experience the convenient service, only need to search for "Beijing One Card" or "Tencent Bus Code" through WeChat Mini Programs, and open the "electronic card" function following the prompt. "Beijing One Card Electronic Card" will add WeChat Cards & Offers automatically. When using it again, just open the WeChat drop-down chat box to open the "Tencent Bus Code" applet, or use the "I-card package-member card" with easily usage. The greatest feature is that "there is no need to download the app, no pre-charge operation is required" when using the Mini Programs electronic card. And the "first ride, post-paid" mode is adopted, and existing WeChat users can apply online. When the user scans the code, the machine screen displays “Scan code successful” that shows the transaction completed.
Tencent Bus Barcode RD300 bus QR code Payment Device
Some lines in the Beijing area will also be tested at the end of the year by WeChat scan code payment. WeChat scan code can have the same 50% discount as the existing one-card regular card.

Shenzhen Rakinda launched the bus card device embedded barcode scanning engine, bus scanning code payment is that RD4500 series fixed mount code scanner is embedded into RD300 bus scanning 2D code card device that can read bus QR code and IC bus card to create a more efficient, green and smart bus travel experience. And if have interests, please feel free to contact us.
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