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Application of Rakinda Barcode Scanner in KFC K PRO Restaurant
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-11-01 | Views:168
Since yum's split in China, KFC has been trying to move beyond fast food and into the casual dining market, which is more geared to the needs of young people. KFC's first green light food restaurant, K PRO, opened.The restaurant changes the old style of KFC, the decoration design of metal industry style, the rich light food menu choice, Japanese style kimonos salad, crawfish chicken panini, South American white shrimp Refreshing!

In order to enter the market of young consumers, KFC K PRO has not only changed its decoration style and dishes, but also introduced many intelligent technology products.
With the opening of KFC's K PRO, Rakinda's two barcode recognition devices have been put into service.
Application of Rakinda Barcode Scanner in KFC K PRO Restaurant
Paperless ordering :Rakinda LV4200 barcode scan engine KFC K PRO introduced paperless ordering in order to build a green restaurant.
Rakinda LV4200 barcode scan engine
"Paperless ordering" can reduce the labor cost, reduce the queuing time and provide the most convenient interaction experience for customers.
Customers simply order on a self-service ordering machine, then take the sign from the left shelf and the waiter will deliver it to you.
These self-catering machines are embedded in the Rakinda reader engine lv-4200.
It can read all kinds of mainstream one-dimensional barcodes and standard two-dimensional barcodes. It adopts fully integrated design, with small volume and large reading window. It is very easy to be embedded in various kinds of cabinet machines for application.

Food sales: Rakinda RF40 desktop barcode scanner
In order to avoid the waiter sending the wrong food, KFC K PRO adopts Rakinda fixed barcode scanner lv-fr40 as the barcode reading device in the verification and sales of food products.
Rakinda RF40 desktop barcode scanner
As a hot style product of Rakinda, lv-rf40 has excellent reading ability and can read the one-dimensional or two-dimensional bar codes of the screen and paper quickly.
In terms of experience, it can switch the mode of reading with one key.
When scanning items, the device can instantly start up and turn on infrared extreme speed sensing.

It is very suitable for use in supermarkets, shopping malls and warehouses.
Mobile payment: Rakinda fixed barcode scanner
In terms of payment, KFC K PRO adopts Rakinda fixed barcode scanner as a barcode reading device for mobile payment.
With the increasing popularity of alipay and WeChat payment, Rakinda's fixed mount barcode scanner has been recognized by many catering brands.
K PRO restaurant is the transformation and upgrading of KFC, its importance is self-evident.
Rakinda automatically recognizes that the cooperation with KFC will bring more convenient consumption experience to consumers!
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