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2D Barcode PDF Scanner Used for Logistics
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In the ERP/MRPII system, if the basic data is collected and transmitted inaccurately, the data obtained by the decision system becomes meaningless. Analysis of the reasons for the failure of some enterprises to implement ERP system, it is mostly due to the failure of data collection.

In terms of data collection and transmission, 2D barcodes have full advantages. First of all, the  storage capacity of PDF417 2d bar code up to thousands of bytes, so it can store the information of goods effectively. Secondly, because PDF417 2d bar code adopts advanced error correction algorithm, in the case of partial damage, it can still be restored the complete original information in order to use to store the information of the collected goods by using the PDF417 2d bar code technology, which is safe, reliable, fast and convenient.
RK400S IP54 wireless handheld 2d barcode scanner
The usage of 2d bar code as a carrier of information transmission in the supply chain, which can not only avoid the mistakes that may be caused by manual input, but also greatly improve the efficiency of warehousing, delivery, order making, inspection and inventory.Using 2D barcode technology to advance the management of commodities to Economic Cell Management, products can be managed and tracked at a deeper level.

Rakinda has rich experience and products in the field of bar code recognition. According to the functional requirements, Rakinda owned IP54 wireless handheld 2d barcode scanner to enhance the code scanning experience. 
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