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Rakinda S5 Handheld Android 1D 2D Barcode Reader
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Many of our customers ask us how do we ship our Android Handheld Barcode Reader with battery to them.
The delivery way is DHL. And the shipping time is 3-5 working days to many countries.

Of course, there are thousands of package needs to be delivered every day; how to deal with so many packages; the answer is Data-Collectors

It is well known that there is the barcode in the Transport Bill. Firstly, the workers scan the barcode by the barcode reader to collect the information that where the package is from and where the package will go; and then pick the package, and then the package will be picked up from the delivery-line by scanning the barcode, for example the Packages to USA are put together; the Packages to Brazil are put together and so on.

Rakinda S5 Handheld Barcode Reader is perfect for the delivery company. Firstly, handheld reader is easy to be held; and it is with larger volume battery, it can keep working more than 10 hours, and the battery is detachable; what is more, it is with the keyboard; the user can use put information easily; we also design the keyboard of the point. Many users show their best comments to this design, and it is IP67.

Now our PDA support Android5.0 and Android7.0; and it is hot selling in America, Oceania. It is not only used in logical industry but also used is the warehouse. 

Rakinda, as the 18-year supplier of IOT, we also design different kinds of handheld scanner on the request of market, for example, the RFID reader, UHF reader, handheld scanner with keyboard, and the handheld reader without keyboard.

Android Handheld Barcode Reader

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