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Medical Barcode Scanner
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How does the medical barcode scanner work? As tens of thousands of bar code scanning equipment used around the world medical facilities, Rakinda RK1302 handheld barcode scanner and PDA S2-plus, S5 scanning and mobile technology has accumulated rich professional knowledge, help the hospital to solve their most pressing challenges.

The innovative barcode scanner used by the medical industry uses a disinfectant fuselage to ensure that health care professionals can achieve the "five right" of patient safety and reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases.Medical barcode scanner in on admission applications: when patients admitted to hospital formalities, hospital staff will distribute a wrist to patients with a bar code, so can make the medical staff and accurate identification of all the patients in the hospital.Every time a medical barcode scanner is used to scan the wristbands, nurses in all departments of the hospital can get important patient information at the bedside in time for admission.
Medical Barcode Scanner
The sample collection
Thanks to the application of barcodes in sample testing and testing, hospitals and laboratories have greatly improved the accuracy of testing and sample tracking efficiency.Can use medical barcode reader in the laboratory or clinical scanning the bar code, used to record transfer path and realize accurate results entry, at the same time greatly reduce errors caused by manual data entry.Mobile terminals designed for medical use scenarios can reduce errors and costs in hospitals and laboratories while improving user safety.Data collector will help hospital manage and save the materials with human force, Rakinda will offer u good quality and nice service for you!
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