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Hot Cheapest Handheld Barcode Scanner LV1500C
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As a timely, accurate, reliable and economical data input method, bar code has been adopted by logistics information systems. It has been widely used in industrially developed countries and has become a universal "identity card" unique to commodities. 

Barcode technology has been widely used in countries such as Europe, America, Japan, etc., and is rapidly spreading around the world, and its application fields are still expanding. Because of the use of bar codes, consumers have a psychological sense of the quality of goods, and bar codes can also play an important role in identifying counterfeit products and anti-counterfeiting. Because bar code technology is advanced, applicable, easy to grasp and quick, it plays an advantage in information (data) collection. Whether it is in the process of warehousing, delivery, shelf-up or settlement with customers, it is necessary to face the data. 
Rakinda latest 1D handheld barcode scanner LV1500C
A huge amount of merchandise (whether it is a whole package or a single retail after unpacking) information is entered into the computer. If the bar code symbol is printed on the package of a single product, the bar code reader can be used to grasp the product variety (item number), quantity, unit price, manufacturer, date of manufacture, etc. in a high speed, accurate and timely manner. This not only improves efficiency, but also attracts more customers, reducing or eliminating crowded queuing during settlement and payment after the customer purchases. Barcode technology will be used as the main automatic identification technology in China, widely used in industrial automation control and various management information systems, and will penetrate into multi-technology fields and high-tech products.

Rakinda latest 1D handheld barcode scanner LV1500C has the best price and good quality now. The main features are as below: 
1. No Driver, plug and play, use very conveniently
2. 32 bit processor, More fast than 8 bit and 16 bit barcode scanners.
3. Continuous scanning/manual trigger,very comfortable operating.
4. Support reading bar codes from screen.

This handheld barcode scanner main application fields is in : supermarket,retail, healthcare,logistics,communication,clothing industry, power industry, kiosk,locker, factory assembly line.

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