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Intelligent Unmanned Supermarket Appears at Data Expo 2018
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The 2018 China international big data industry fair was held in Guiyang city in Guizhou province on May 26th. As the world's first big data expo, it has been successfully held for three consecutive terms. "Black technologies" such as driverless cars, virtual fitting goggles, 5G and even unmanned supermarket attracted attention at the exhibition.
Intelligent Unmanned Supermarket Appears at Data Expo 2018
Today we went to the No.5 pavilion, the international innovation museum. People lined up early to experience black technology and enjoy the convenience of life. That's what people have been talking about from last year to this day -- the unmanned store.
Intelligent Unmanned Supermarket Appears at Data Expo 2018
People can complete the experience of shopping in four steps: 1. Face recognition. 2. Shopping. 3. QR code Payment and settlement. 4. Unlock the door. People just need to pay attention to the mobile phone’s application, first get the screen mobile QR code, and the system will identify according to the portrait, remind customers to pay attention to the following personnel, is confirmed no one can enter the supermarket shopping, the choose and buy good things, just put the goods into the basket of cashier, the customer can self-help settlement. After the customer completes the payment, press the unlock key out of the door, a relaxed shopping trip ended.

RAKINDA is a high-tech enterprise in the Internet of things and a provider of intelligent retail technology solutions with automatic identification technology as the core. It is easy to build customized unmanned supermarkets. RAKINDA has always been a leading enterprise with rich industry experience and resources in the new technology field and big data field of the Internet of things. Cooperation with many famous brands.
rakinda self service store
RAKINDA adopts RFID technology, intelligent settlement system, and consumer tracking system, and adopts face recognition technology, combined with two-channel intelligent access control system, to effectively prevent people following. Customized design, according to different venues to flexibly choose the way of assembly. The customized scheme of free splicing is free from the limitation of scene, saving manufacturing cost, transportation cost, and installation construction cost. Using big data analysis, member avatars, dynamic pricing, such as industrial chain system upgrade, expand consumption scenarios, to precision marketing. RAKINDA self service stores of a complete set of the decorating plan, make the store USES more guest, make money good shops. Advanced technology platform, supported by data, real-time analysis, more scientific and effective operation. If you are interested in this kind of application, welcome to inquire!

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