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Rakinda Makes JinHu the First Unmanned Store in Shanxi Province
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-06-28 | Views:311
20 seconds scanning open door, 5 seconds settlement payment, 2 seconds unlocking door. No one is on duty, the whole process of independent purchase, as long as the mobile phone brush, can quickly and conveniently complete shopping. Unmanned Store appears in Shanxi Province for the first time. The store is not big, only about 30 square meters, but full of sense of technology.
Rakinda Makes JinHu the First Unmanned Store in Shanxi Province
Notices posted on the walls: remote customer service, no photos, surveillance area, anti-theft identification, no eating, no littering, no smoking, no pets, snack area, beverage area, household goods area, candy area,etc. The store is full of goods, basically the same as other convenience stores, unattended, you can choose freely. In particular, each item has an "id card" attached to it to identify it.

With the rise of new retail and the support of national policies, 2018 is bound to be the "golden age" of new retail boom. The new retail project, represented by Internet + convenience store, will become the most rapid and growing emerging industry in the next decade. The appearance of new intelligent retail experience stores facilitated by Jinhu may usher in a new retail era in Shanxi.

The Jinhu convenience store technology applied Shenzhen Rakinda unmanned supermarket solution, which applies QR code Scanner RD4500R for both access control and mobile payment. Payment shall be made upon presentation of Alipay/WeChat QR code for the settlement of goods;

If you want to foster, it is impossible, in the entrance channel we install RD - AF26 antenna, the goods we have posted the RFID electronic tag. If you have any goods without payment, sensing channel side have set up 10 inch screen, which will display information and voice prompt goods, cashier area integration of commodity inspection and settlement;
The staff do not need to be on duty every day. They only need to use RD2910-A portable reader to arrange and supplement goods regularly.
Rakinda Makes JinHu the First Unmanned Store in Shanxi Province
Rakinda has been in Auto-ID and IoT industry since 2000, being devoted to research and development of self-help mobile payments intelligent equipment, intelligent community, the core equipment and advanced RFID technology, etc. Series of products have been successfully applied to all walks of life, including intelligent public transportation, logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, intelligent community, intelligent medical, no supermarkets, etc., to obtain the market's consistent high praise!

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