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University of self – service printer embedded two – dimensional code scanning module
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-04-01 | Views:374

Sweep the phone order two-dimensional code, you can self-print A4 documents, documents … … now several college students in Wuhan do not have to go to print shop, in a self-service printer will be able to complete the file printing.

Recently, there are media reports, Wuhan Huazhong, Huazhong Normal University, Huazhong Agricultural University, Hubei University and other eight colleges and universities have put a self-service printer, sweep two-dimensional code of the students’s phone print orders to complete the print, and self-help print Cheap, also on-site scanning to print identity cards and so on.

self-service printer

It is reported that self-service printer using mobile Internet technology and barcode automatic identification technology, through the embedded two-dimensional code scanning head with self-help printing system, to provide users with online payment, offline printing O2O services. Users can enjoy 24 hours fast and convenient print service by simply “uploading documents or photos on mobile phones – submitting online payment – device scanning verification”.


It is worth mentioning that the self-service printer using embedded two-dimensional code scanning head is the Shenzhen Rakinda’s best-selling one of the scanning module products. Such products using CMOS image recognition technology, read the phone screen a / two-dimensional barcode with perfect performance, can be in the phone power shortage, mobile phone screen film, color barcode, etc., easy to read the barcode, there is a need Customers may wish to inquire!

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