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Barcode Scanner Module Open The “Internet + Scan Payment” Model
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-05-17 | Views:287

Mobile Internet era, all walks of life have set off a wave of intelligent information technology trends, the medical industry is no exception. Recently, the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital started a doctor “The Internet + Scan Payment” model. Patients in the window to pay the bill, as long as the scan of the phone with the scanner module, one second to complete, greatly reducing the waiting time for treatment.

According to the staff of the outpatient service charge, the hospital’s new payment system opened the Alipay and WeChat payment function, whether at their own expense or medical insurance patients, all patients can pay through the scanned payment service. At present, this innovative initiative is the first use of the provincial general hospital.

Barcode Scanner Module Open The "Internet + Scan Payment" Model

In addition to opening scan payment function, in order to save the majority of patients waiting in line time, the hospital outpatient area a total of 40 self-service registration fee machine for patients to provide self-registration, payment, printing invoices and other functions. In addition, the hospital has also successfully opened online self-service card, recharge, and registered services.

The application of scan payment reflects the full application of modern information technology in the medical field. It will promote the information construction of the intelligent hospital, which is the trend of digital hospital development. As a supplier of Internet of Things brand, Shenzhen Rakinda offers special hospital-specific scan payment terminals, embedded scanners module, comprehensive payment codes for mobile phones, single bar code certificates, medical wristbands, and drugs of one-dimensional two-dimensional bar code scanning.

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