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Rakinda profession supply bar code scanner
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-12-28 | Views:750

Nowadays bar code scanner is more and more popular in the world, we can see it in everywhere.
Bar code scanning module is also known as bar code scanning module or bar code scanning engine, the earliest originated in foreign countries and foreign technology will be relatively mature point. It is mainly used in the core equipment of automatic identification field and has the function of complete independent bar code scanning and decoding. Bar code scanning module with the same as the scanning gun into 1d/2d module.

Rakinda profession supply bar code scanner

Currently in the domestic 1d bar code scanning module is widely used ,mainly used in pipeline equipment, bar code printers, mobile phones and tablet PCs, medical equipment, storage cabinets and so on.
The function of 2D scanning module is more powerful, and can have more excellent performance for LCD display and bar code display of mobile phone screen.2d scanning module can not only scan 2d bar codes, but also scan 1d bar codes. 2d bar code scanning module is currently used in access control, self-service vending machines, self-service terminals, logistics cabinets and lockers, channel gates, etc. are widely used. 2d scanners. are the most common application, the best performance of the 2d scanning engine. Which specific should use it depends on the specific use, the field, the use of the environment and depending on the circumstances may be.

Shenzhen Rakinda can provide 2d scanner RD4500R For fix mounted 2D barcode scanner module, its price is usually high, which may be a problem encountered by customers. Now RD4500R will be a good solution for you. Its cost is reasonable and affordable, while its low cost does not compromise its good performance in scanning mobile phone screen.

Shenzhen Rakinda as one of the leading suppliers in ioT , oriented by clients demand is devoted to the development and innovation of intelligent firmware products and enjoys rich experience and resources in ioT and big data area if you are interested in bar code scanner module, do not hesitate contact Rakinda.

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