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Smart Supermarket with RFID Scanner
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-12-29 | Views:885

RAKINDA Smart Supermarket is developed based on the mind of Internet Technology and the mind Design of Big Data. This smart supermarket includes Android CPU, RFID barcode scanner, the weighing machine and so on. That is achieved payment without Cashier.
This design case is based on the technology of the identification of 2D barcode, and Wechat Pay and Alipay.

The function of the hardware in supermart:
1.The entrance Turnstile: it is embedded in door of supermarket to identify the people go in and go out and open and close the door automatically
2.Android CUP: This special CUP is to deal with the orders and manage the Internet and the delivery of Data; 3. RFID barcode scanner: Read the RFID label in products
4.The weighting machine: Buyers put the goods in this machine, and calculate the amount;
5.RFID handheld barcode reader: It is used to scan barcode and deal the information on shelf.

Smart Supermarket with RFID Scanner

The procedure of the supermarket:
1.If it is the first time of the buyers go into the supermarket: the buyer scan the barcode to put attention of the Wechat Public outside of Turnstile. And then put the phone number and the Identification, and there will be only special 2D bar code; the buyer goes to the shopping zone after reading this code before the turnstile;
2.If it is the second time of the buyers go into this supermarket, it is okay to show the bar code the owned directly.
3.The calculation: the buyers put the goods into the weighting machine, and the weighting machine can identify the number and the items, and then show the information to the CPU, and then there will be a payment barcode.
4.Making Payment: The buyer show the 2D barcode he has, if he chooses Wechat Pay, and then the invoice will be printed. At this time, you can take the products and leave.

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