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The Origin and Classification of Barcode In Internet of Things
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2018-01-04 | Views:915

Barcode is a birth certificate for the Internet of things. In today’s society, there is a collection of gray and streaked labels on almost every item on the packaging, which is the barcode. It is a “common language” of goods in the international market and is passes to enter the international market and the supermarket goods, it is also a global unified identity system and universal business language in one of the most important identity. Barcode was first invented in the 1920s by an inventor named John Kermode. His idea was to mark the envelope and the information in the barcode was the address of the recipient, like today’s zip code.

The Origin and Classification of Barcode In Internet of Things

1)What is a one-dimensional barcode, two-dimensional bar code, three-dimensional bar code:

A barcode is a symbol consisting of a set of rules, an array of empty and corresponding characters to denote a symbol of a commodity’s information. The bar code is used for the scanning of the barcode scanner module (infrared or photoelectric sensor, etc.). Its corresponding English characters composed of a set of Numbers to provide direct identification for everybody to read or to the computer through the keyboard input data that we want to use this article and the corresponding character information is the same.

2) Classification of barcode:

(1) One-dimensional bar code(1d bar code):

A one-dimensional bar code only expresses relevant information in one direction (generally horizontal), and no information is expressed in the vertical direction. A certain height is usually made to facilitate the reading of the 1d barcode reader. It is characterized by low error rate of information entry.But 1d barcode is small data volume and cannot be read after the bar code is damaged.

(2)Two-dimensional bar code(2d bar code):

In a two-dimensional space where horizontal and vertical directions are stored, such barcodes are called two-dimensional barcodes.
The appearance of 2d barcode makes up for the shortage of one-dimensional barcode, which is characterized by high information density and large capacity.Not only it errors but also correcting errors. Even if the bar code is partially damaged, the correct information can be restored, which can be read by a variety of 2d barcode scanner.

(3)Three-dimensional bar code(3d bar code):

A three-dimensional bar code consists of 24 colors, which can carry a capacity of 0.6MB to 1.8 MB. It’s enough to put down an MP3 or a short video. At present, the color bar codes are introduced in the relevant multimedia field. The high volume color bar code is a three-dimensional matrix barcode. China has also made a significant breakthrough in the field of three-dimensional color bar code. The 3d bar code increases storage information by adding color and it increases the storage density of unit area.

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