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Barcode Scanner Module

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LV12 1D Scanner Module

Category:1d Scanner Module

Product ID:LV12


Product Introduction:LV12 1D barcode scanner module has RS 232, KB and USB interfaces available. It is a perfect choice for your OEM design.


Product Introduction: 

LV12 1D barcode scanner module brings the benefits of barcode scanning to all types of OEM devices. It is widely used in kiosks, medical instruments, diagnostic equipment, lottery terminals, vending machines and many other devices. 

Product Features:

1) LV12 is a compact long range CCD barcode scanner module with high sensitive linear image sensor and built in auto sense function;

2) LV12 decode board is powered by a fast processor and to decode a wide array of 1D barcodes. The decode board is compatible with Utility, a PC based software for easy configuration.

3) LV12 is designed with the industrial standard size, mounting options and output to facilitate integration into existing applications. 

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