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Access Control Device

Category:Intelligent Scanner Devices

Product ID:RD200


Product Introduction:This access control device applies a 32-bit ARM processor as the main chip, combined with intelligent image recognition and internal real-time multitasking operating system.


Product Introduce:

This access control device, applies a 32-bit ARM processor as the main chip, combined with intelligent image recognition and internal real-time multitasking operating system. It’s of industrial level design, with high performance, high reliability. It’s a kind of access control using 2d barcodes scanning based on TCP / IP based network.

This access control device communicates via TCP/IP interface, using high-capacity data storage, which can store 60,000 users and 100,000 records. It supports time management, door alarm, fire linkage, and all input and output interfaces have lightning over current and over voltage protection to ensure the device work normally in harsh environments.

Product Features:

1. High-performance ARM processor-based on TCP / IP network.

2. Embedded real-time multitasking operating system.

3. Mass data storage and FRAM as data saving, even if the device is powered down, it won’t lose any data.

4. It doesn’t apply battery solution to save data and maintain power, removing the trouble of regular battery replacement.

5. It reads 2D barcodes well even in low brightness environment.

6. It applies LED as supplementary lighting, making it possible to scan 2D barcodes

even in complete darkness.

7. It supports the following expansion of functions to open the door: IC card, password, NFC, ID card, Cell Phone Bluetooth.

8. It can achieve independently and fully control of a door.

9. Uploading real-time door status, real-time control of personnel access situation.

10. Card Capacity: 60,000 cards; event records: 100,000

11. TCP / IP communication, easy network building.

12. It supports TCP / IP network connection via cross-gateway and cross-network segment.

13. Cross-over cable and cross-ruling controller can adapt automatically.

14. It supports TCP / IP remote IAP upgrade.

15. It supports video linkage capture, video recording.

16. 2D barcode recognition response time: 0.5S

17. Over-current protection for all I/O port, power connector and network interface

18. Operating Current: <150mA

19. Equipped with hardware watchdog; anti-crash.

20. Industrial design; high reliability; lightning protection, anti-static, resistant to strong interference.

21. Interface Protection: All input and output interfaces have over-current protection; communication port and power port have multiple levels of lightning protection

22. Lock Output: 1 channel; dry contact output; relay capacity: 30VDC 5A

23. Expansion output: 1 channel; dry contact output; relay capacity 30VDC 5A

24. Magnetic input: 1 channel; dry contact input; normally open and normally closed can be set up

25. Exit input: 1 channel, dry contact input; normally open and normally closed can be set up

26. Serial connection: 1 channelØ

27. Fire linkage Input: 2 channels, dry contact input; effective closure; door fully open


Product Specifications:

Products Parameters

Item Name

QR Code Access Control Devices with RFID Reader

Power Input


Operating Current


Communication Ports


Relay Output

Omron; DC30V / 5A, 250VAC / 5A

Barcode Scanning Speed

<0.5 Seconds

Card Reading Speed

<0.2 Seconds


180.0(L)x113.0(W)x53.0 (H) mm



5% ~ 95%


 -20 ~ 60

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