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Self-service Cash Register

Category:Unmanned supermarket

Product ID:Self-service Cash Register


Product Introduction:Self-service cash register Checkout can use Mobile QR code payment, online payment (Alipay/Wechat), face recognition, is convenient and fast


Product details:

Size: 116*84.8*118cm


Uses: self-service identification and detection of goods, weighing goods, self-service scan code checkout, mobile payment

Checkout: Mobile QR code payment, online payment (Alipay/Wechat), face recognition

Advertising screen: 21.5 inches LCD/LED HD ultra-thin screen

Installation mode: one machine

Performance parameters:


21.5-inch capacitive touch control screen


 Industrial host system

Touch screen POS cash register:

Processor Freescale Imax (A9) quad-core

Store 2GB DDR3

Hard Disk 8GB SSD

Supply voltage 220V or 110V

Power Supply 50W

Other parameters Operating System: Android 4.22


Parameters Table:

Shell: financial equipment metal shell (iron)

Trial venues: unmanned supermarkets, restaurants, convenience stores, cafes, etc.

Language System: Built-in Language Broadcasting

Screen pixels: 1920*1080

Self-service Cash Register,self service checkout,

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