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SM1000 Electronic Scale

Category:Unmanned supermarket

Product ID:SM1000


Product Introduction:Android smart electronic scale, an "Android smart cash register all in one scale" , is applied in the retail industry such as fresh fruits


Android system 3G electronic scales, supporting traceability function barcode scale

Android smart electronic scale, an "Android smart cash register all in one scale", is applied in the retail industry such as fresh fruits. As a management tool in the fresh fruit field, Android smart electronic scale integrates intelligent weighing, mobile payment, member management, barcode scanning, small ticket printing and other functions. Combining custom development software, integrating statistical functions into sales statistics, and even enabling centralized terminal management across the region.

Solid fashion design, full-flat touch screen, intelligent integrated function combination, make the Android smart electronic scales subvert the definition of traditional electronic scales and become the first choice for managing IT intelligent terminals such as high-end food chain stores.

Product Advantages
1.Barcode payment: Integration of mobile phone Alipay and WeChat payment scanning meets users' diversified payment requirements;
2.Data Analysis: Combined with the customized development software, integrated the sales and inventory statistics function to realize the centralized terminal management across the region;
3.Member management: Built-in Internet of things RFID terminal module, can read RFID membership card, including both high frequency and ultra-high frequency type;
4.Flexible installation and extension: a variety of peripheral interfaces, support for small ticket printers;
5.Accurate weighing: combined with the software system, the weight value of automatic calibration is realized, and the weight loss is not caused by the tilt of the desktop;
6. Customized development: provide customized development services.
electronic balance,Electronic Scale
Product Parameters
CPU: Freescale i.M x6cortex-A9 double/quad-core
Memory: 1 GB / 2 GB / 8 GB
Operating system: android 4.2.2.
Storage capacity: 8G/16G/32G
Display: 10 " capacitive touch
Screen size: 220(W)*260(D)mm
Membership card slot: high performance
Scale Size: 322mm(W)*212mm(D)
Weighing specification: 15kg/5g
Appearance size: 360(W)*450(D)*487(H)mm
Power input/output: AC 220V~240V/DC 12V/24 (50/60hz)
Alternative: customer display, small ticket printer, RFID reader, cash drawer, 2d scanning module, handheld barcode scanner

Android smart electronic scale RD168 integrates the touch screen POS cash register + printer + electronic balance + membership card equipment + bar code scanning as all in one smart weighing equipment, with beautiful, fashion and durable design.

Android intelligent electronic scale, is applicable to the fruit shop, snack shop, leisure food shops, delicatessens, fresh supermarkets, duck neck, chain food store, dried fruit, fruit and vegetable convenience stores, restaurants, bakery, buffet restaurant, self-service hot pot restaurant, self-service fast-food industry, self-service ice cream and so on.

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