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2D Barcode Development History and Applications
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-04-12 | Views:541

2D barcode originated from Japan. At the beginning, Denso Wave company in Japan developed the 2D barcode in order to track the auto parts.

2D Barcode

Actually, 2D barcode has been popular in Japan and South Korea at the 80s of last century. They have also been widely applied in China since 2007 and there were some relevant applications. However, many creative 2D barcode projects stopped because of insufficient support of the smart phone and other hardware.

Since 2010, the 2D barcode market in China began to heat up quickly, and a variety of application software emerged one after another. Nowadays, 2D barcodes are almost everywhere. They jump into your eyes even when you get a movie leaflet or casually open a website.  2D barcode is highly favored by many businessmen, which also becomes a fashion application. 2D barcode applications have penetrated into the catering, supermarkets, movies, shopping, tourism, automotive, and even applied to the beer bottles and tombstones.

What are the main applications for the 2D barcode?

To sum up, 2D barcode is currently mainly used in the following four aspects:

  • Transmission of Information. For example, personal business cards, product introduction, quality tracking, etc.
  • Electronic CommercePlatform Entrance. Consumers can enter the online store and go shopping by scanning the 2D barcodes on product Ads.
  • Mobile Payment. Consumers complete payment by showing the mobile phone screen 1D/2D barcode on Alipay, Wechat or other payment applications.

Verification of Voucher and Member Card. For example, O2O group buying voucher verification, conference attendance, etc.rakinda

As 2D barcode is so commonly used in our daily life, 2D barcode scanner is really an important part of the businessman. A good 2D barcode reader can give a great user experience to consumers when completing payment by mobile phone screen 1D/2D barcode. Rakinda is a professional manufacturer in barcode scanner since 2000. We are always here to help you solve problems related to barcode scanner. We can provide not only hardware but also complete solution for you.

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