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Bank Try Self-service Machine Scan Barcode Withdrawal Services
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-06-06 | Views:357

With the popularity of Internet + mobile payment, more and more people are accustomed to going out without a wallet, a bank card. A smartphone gets any electronic payment, while bank withdrawals are no exception. Recently, some domestic banks to upgrade the ATM system, the introduction of non-card scan barcode withdrawal services, The public through the ATM machine can easily withdrawals without the card.

According to the editors understand that the bank ATM machines are added “two-dimensional code withdrawals” service options, combined with ATM machine embedded two-dimensional code scanning module window, to achieve non-card scan money withdrawal function.

Bank Try Self-service Machine Scan Barcode Withdrawal Services

Withdrawals, customers do not need to insert a bank card, through the mobile banking APP, choose to reservation two-dimensional code withdrawals, enter the amount of money to submit information to generate withdrawals two-dimensional code. Then, to the nearest ATM self-service network, in the ATM machine page by “two-dimensional code withdrawals” button, the two-dimensional code will be placed on the ATM machine bar code scanning window brush, and then press the prompts to enter the transaction password can withdraw money.

Scan code withdrawals, no need use the bank card, reduce the risk of a bank card being copied. And compared with the original no card booking withdrawal, sweep code eliminates the need to manually enter the booking code of the steps, the withdrawal process more convenient. It should be noted that no card withdrawals have a certain withdrawal limit, The public withdrawals a lot of money need to take a card to the bank outlets counter.

For the barcode scanning application experts, Shenzhen rakinda of professional supply of self-service machine embedded two-dimensional code module and application program, help self-service terminal manufacturers to expand the “two-dimensional code scanning” value-added services, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the industry.

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