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What Is The Difference Of Bus Mobile Phone Scan Payment And Bus Card Payment?
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-06-07 | Views:443

From the beginning of 2017, China’s public transport mobile phone scan payment the news constantly, “brush Alipay take the bus” has become the most popular topic, by more and more people in the industry’s attention. So, what is the difference between the payment of the mobile phone and the payment of the bus card?

1, The Technical Principle Is Different
Public transport mobile phone scanning payment is the use of two-dimensional code remote access payment system, and submit the payment instructions to payment way. The commonly used bus card is a non-contact IC card, and the reader through the radio wave to complete the reading and writing work.

2, Payment Carrier Is Different
According to the Internet technology, the traditional physical Bus Card payment carrier virtualization upgrade, and loaded into the mobile payment software (Alipay, WeChat payment, etc.), which will mobile phone “transfiguration” Bus Card, the user take bus, no need brush, coin or ready to exchange money, direct brush Alipay “Bus Code” can get on the Bus.

Bus Mobile Phone Scan Payment

3, To Solve The Recharge Problem
The bus mobile phone scan code payment virtual electronic card can be directly through the balance, Alipay, Bankcard charge to pay the fare, not only removed the physical card to carry the troubled but also to solve the bus card Insufficient balance, fixed-point recharge etc worries.

In contrast, the public mobile phone scanning payment, the use of Internet technology means, innovation “no card”, “no paper money” green support model, the perfect interpretation of the “Internet +” new quick payment service experience.

As a mobile phone to pay the brand program providers, Shenzhen Rakinda launched the public mobile phone payment application program, the phone “turned” bus card, help bus operators to achieve “Internet + smart bus” new breakthrough. If you are interested in such applications, may wish to inquire.

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