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Application of Two-Dimensional Code Technology in Dynamic Management of Metro Staff
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2017-06-19 | Views:365

Hefei city rail transit construction into the rapid development period, the face of complex processes under the massive construction personnel, Hefei Metro Line 3 to introduce two-dimensional code technology, through the scanning barcode of the site to achieve dynamic management of personnel to protect the construction of efficient management.

In the past construction site personnel admission management using the production of badges, with badges admission, but the workers in the construction process of badges easy to damage, and easy to lose. In addition, the badge security features low, high production costs.

Now, the quality and safety management of rail transit to introduce two-dimensional code technology, the workers “one person one yard one hat” real name system bundled barcode management, to ensure that all the managers and operators on-site coverage as real name system management an important part.

Application of Two-Dimensional Code Technology in Dynamic Management of Metro Staff

Admission, the inspector with a handheld scanning terminal scanning workers helmets on the two-dimensional code, can display the worker’s gender, age, blood type and type of identity information. And scan code failure or no two-dimensional code helmet workers are not allowed to approach.

At present, Hefei subway mainly in the third line of construction and management of the try line of two-dimensional code technology plans in the future line 4 and line 5 and follow-up to build the rail transit line to promote.

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