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Scan QR Code to Open the Door / Face Recognition, Anti-theft Detection, Shopping, Scan QR Code to Pay, No Sense Payment, Self-service Shipping and Checking Out, Payment Detection to Open the Door, Shopping Finished

Scan code to register members

1.Scan Code to Register Members

Scanning Code/Face Recognition Systems

choose products

2.Choose Products

Select Products As You Want

open payment code

3.Open Payment Code

Auto Identificate Commodity Scanning Payment

check your departure

4.Check Your Departure

Automatically Check the Payment Status of Goods


Utility Model Patent Certificate, Design Patent Certificate, Products Certificates About CE,FCC,ROHS

Product Description

Product Introduction: Professional IOT Technology R&D, Barcode Scanner, RFID Products, Software Development, Complete New Retail Smart Self-service Store Solution Including Design, Development And Construction (Self-service Checkout Kiosk, RFID Reader And Writer, 4500R Embedded Type Barcode Scanner, RFID Security Door)

Self-service Cash Register

Self-service Cash Register

Calculate the Amount by Reading Barcode Automatically

RFID Portable Reader

RFID Portable Reader

Reading RFID Label Professionally and Excellent

RFID Anti-theft Access Control

RFID Anti-theft Access Control

Excellent Control Capabilities of Read-Write Area

RD4500R Scanner Module

RD4500R Scanner Module

High Performance for Reading Phone Screen QR Code

Application Scenarios

Application Scenarios: Traditional Retailers (Supermarkets are Updated to Self-service Smart Store to Bring Hi-tech Shopping Experience to Customers and Save Labor Cost), Community Convenience Store (It Brings Convenience to the Life of Residents) and Various Traditional Stores to be Transformed Into Smart Store (Liquor, Tobacco, Toys, Carnie etc.)

traditional ratail store

Traditional Ratail Store



Amusement Park

Amusement Park

unmanned bookstore

Unmanned Bookstore

Cooperative Partner

We Have Been Offering Self-service Store Solution for Many Top Retailers, Such as China Tobacco Group, Rainbow Department, Alibaba Group, Tiger Convenience Store, Tencent Group, Weixiao Campus, Renrenle Group, Google etc.

Our Advantage

Our Advantages: Rakinda Self-service Store is Newly Launched as the Call of Times. Armed With QR Code Scan, Anti-theft Pass, Face Recognition and Fast Shopping Experience, New Retail Smart Store Will Show up in Many Places. Rakinda Provide Professional One-stop Service to Bring Perfect New Retail Smart Shopping Experience to People.

company profile

Company Profile About Rakinda

Rakinda Has Been Devoted to IOT Industry for 18 Years and Already Have Many Self-service Store Clients, the Delevelopment Leader of New Retail Smart Unmanned Supermarket

companies operates in all over the world

Companies Operates in All Over the World

Rakinda Business Has Covered Almost All Countries and Districts in the World: Rakinda Has Started Overseas Business 13 Years Ago and Our Goal is to Establish Agents and Branches in Many Countries Arounds

software development technologies

Software Development Technologies

Software Development: Rakinda Has Mature Software Development Procedure and Professional Software Development Team. We Have Been Certified as Double Software Enterprise and Have Strong

hardware devoloped by ourselves

Hardware Devoloped By Ourselves

Independent Firmware R&D: With 18 Years Experience in Firmware Production, Own Brand, Factory and R&D Team, We Provide One Stop Service in IOT Area for Customers

Application Case

Rakinda Self-service Store Will Show Up In Many Places. Many People Will Witness And Experience Such New Retail Smart Store.

China Tobacco Group smart unmanned tobacco shop

China Tobacco Group Smart Unmanned Shop

Xingbao Huijin Unmanned Convenience Store

Xingbao Huijin Unmanned Convenience Store

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