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How To Add Barcode Scanner To Your Kiosk
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2019-02-22 | Views:1415
This topic shows you how to add a barcode scanner to your kiosk.The Kiosks works with most basic usb barcode scanners. These scanners are designed to plug into the USB port of your computer and when a barcode is scanned, the scanner inputs the barcode number into kiosk as if you were typing the number in with a keyboard.

Choosing a Barcode Scanner Module
Kiosk supplier doesn't sell scanners but it will work with most off-the-shelf USB readers. You can usually find good deals and most barcode scanners start at around $100 for a basic handheld model, and get more expensive for fancy models. We require a basic barcode scanner gun, similar to those sold by RAKINDA brand Technologies, with these features:

A usb barcode scanner that plugs into your computer and works like a keyboard wedge,it is able to decode the "3 of 9" or Code 39 barcode font and it also is able to be configured to automatically add <ENTER> after scanning a barcode.

What is a good qr code scanner to recommend for the self-service Kiosk?
How To Add Barcode Scanner To Your Kiosk
Our RD4600 model qr code scanner reading close-range printed or screen QR code very fast.It reads close printed or screen barcodes with 5 to 10mil precision.The RD4600 fixed mount barcode scanner has a interface is USB or RS232. It has aluminum alloy housing and it's industrial grade IP54. Its light source is LED white light and has IR infrared sensing. The operating temperature is -10°C~+50°C and has good thermal conductivity. At the same time,small streamlined design makes it perfect for embedding in the various types of self-service machines to use,like Kiosk,Turnstile and Vending machine,very nice.

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