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Wearable Wireless Scanning Intelligent Terminal RK100
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2019-01-08 | Views:981
The wearable enterprise smart terminal RK100 is dedicated to freeing hands and releasing productivity. It can connect to various peripherals such as scanning ring, UHF reader, Bluetooth printer, Bluetooth headset, etc. through low-power Bluetooth 4.0, and it can expand more applications in different industries. Ring barcode scanner RK100 has a very compact body, weighing only 275g, which can be worn by both right and left hands; And it is equipped with Qualcomm quad-core 1.2GHz processor, Android 5.1 operating system, and can support 4G full Netcom, use ultra-sensitive capacitive screen, support multi-touch and Glove touch, 8 megapixel camera, high precision GPS can be used for more scenes.
Wearable Wireless Scanning Intelligent Terminal RK100
Product features: optional ring scan / ergonomic design / 4G full Netcom / magnetic interface / long battery life / IP65 industrial grade
1, Hands-free design:
The ergonomic wearable design and small size help the staff to easily release their hands, speed up the operation and increase work efficiency.

2, Application development
BLE low-power Bluetooth, can be connected to a variety of Bluetooth devices, 1D / 2D scanning ring, Bluetooth headset, printer, RFID readers, etc., greatly enriching the internal and external field applications.

3. Information security
Convert the regular Android system into the enterprise-class operating system Safedroid OS, enhance device management and real-time data transmission, and improve the security of the operating system to meet the data security needs of enterprises.

4, a clear view
With the industry's leading 4.0-inch color industrial-grade capacitive screen, the display is fine, the touch sensitivity is high, and multi-touch and glove touch are supported.

5, 4G full Netcom
Support mobile, telecommunications, Unicom three-network communication, support dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth and other data transmission methods to meet the data transmission function under a variety of conditions

6, endurance and durability
The whole machine adopts low-power design, with professional magnetic interface, which is convenient for charging and data transmission. It also meets IP65 industrial protection level and 1.5m anti-drop to ensure long-lasting equipment.

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