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The technology behind the new retail
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2022-09-13 | Views:578
After a round of games, traditional retail and the Internet began to accelerate their integration, and intelligent and self-service became the trend of future retail development. Internet companies and traditional retail giants have been testing new retailing, and in addition to the birth of omnichannel retailing models such as BoxMall Fresh and Super Species, WithAnt, Fruit Xiaomei and other unmanned retailers are another path to explore.


Their common features are the comprehensive informationization of the cashier and the construction of new consumption scenarios. In this process, we find that the traditional counter disappears and is replaced by a self-service shopping guide or an app. payment becomes more natural, even without being perceived. All this was just a joke four years ago when the Alipay empty payment was released, but today four years later it is not surprising that the face payment has been made.
Among the normal payment links, identification, willingness to pay, and payment amount are three key elements. Especially the first two, is the core of building a payment scene. And the essence and existence of the code sweeper is to manage the three elements of payment. Therefore, with the change of payment scenarios, the code sweeper must have different response strategies. In addition to supporting different payment scenarios through technical means, it can also adapt to new scenarios by changing its own form, such as a sensor, a camera, or any other hardware form.
Therefore, in a sense, the smart scanner will disappear, but will evolve into other forms to fulfill his historical mission.
Technology experience application in the field of unmanned retail
No matter which type of vending machine, smart shelf, smart container or unmanned convenience store, there is no way to bypass the three elements of payment management issues when commercializing, such as who took what goods, what goods were put back in the middle, and how much money should be deducted when leaving the store. Since there is no human intervention, it relies more on machine identification, therefore, the accuracy of judgment on payment elements is directly related to commercial viability.
On the other hand, the completely self-service mode has very strict requirements for user experience, which requires a good balance between business and user experience to realize the whole shopping process, so that customers can take and leave immediately and pay senselessly.
Based on the development trend of unmanned retail, payment scenarios will become more and more diversified. At that time, the core technology and platform of highly integrated scanning module will exist in any unmanned retail equipment and services by virtue of its multi-function, security and high integration.

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