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Rakinda Barcode Scanner Waiting For your Choosing
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2022-09-21 | Views:815

The QR code scanning module is a veritable "behind-the-scenes hero", because almost all of the scanning modules are embedded into all kinds of machines. The application of two-dimensional scanning code module has expanded from the original traditional scenes such as subway, airports, stations, campuses, factories, hospitals and hotels to richer scenes such as offices, communities, Internet cafes, parking lots, and even taxis. Today xiaobian will recommend for you the model is Rakinda RD4500R, let's understand the "scanning hero" super ability.

 The Rakinda RD4500R QR code scanning module has a beautiful and streamlined compact appearance design. The size of 84x 74x 50mm is not only more space-saving, but also meets the demanding requirements of integrated installation. In addition, it also has RS232, USB and other communication interface modes are optional, and can be the maximum compatibility with existing systems.

 In terms of performance, this barcode scanner can not only scan the paper barcode, but also read the barcode on the electronic screen such as mobile phone and ipad. It has the perfect command control function, which can make the host accurately control the device operation, and integrate the whole system.

The self-service machine uses the QR code scanning module to scan the screen code to achieve mobile payment, so this requires the QR code scanning module to be responsive to the screen code and read quickly. The Rakinda RD4500R uses scattered light filling, reads the highest / lowest brightness screen code, and has a high degree of recognition rate, allowing easy scanning even with a coated screen.

Rakinda Internet of Things technology focuses on barcode recognition technology and solutions to provide you with better quality barcode recognition equipment

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