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Why do we use barcode scanner instead of scanning barcodes with smartphones?
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2022-12-16 | Views:1251
Why do we use barcode scanner instead of scanning barcodes with smartphones?

A. The difference in decoding
Barcode scanner is specially used to scan and analyze barcode (1D code, 2D code qr code). Scanning two-dimensional code function in the phone is only an auxiliary function of the smart phone, the efficiency of the decoding is much slower than the barcode scanning gun. Scanning guns are generally hardware decoding; this speed are millisecond level. With a special decoding chip in it.  Cell phone scanning two-dimensional code, first of all, the camera to take pictures, and then the built-in decoding software for the photos taken to decode, and then the output, the time used in this process is certainly much greater than the scanning gun.

B. Different application scenarios       
barcode reader are generally used for commercial / industrial purposes, such as supermarkets, factories, warehouses, logistics, etc., the scanning speed, scanning accuracy have certain requirements. And two-dimensional code scan gun basically have a focus or aiming frame to allow you to accurately locate the two-dimensional code.    Cell phones in the scanning speed, two-dimensional code positioning than the scan gun, occasionally with okay, long continuous scanning you try.

C. Different communication protocols       
Scanning guns basically support USB port, RS232 serial port, network port communication, basically all the applications used in scanning guns are used in these communication protocols, decoding results directly output to the application software. Such as supermarket cashier, manufacturer traceability system, logistics storage system, inlet and outlet system, etc. The results of the cell phone scan is only displayed on your cell phone screen, or only with your cell phone APP communication interaction, to communicate with the PC or other devices, the workload done in the middle is too large, basically no one so used. The effort is not pleasing.

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