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The core component of "QR code recognition" - QR code scanning module
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2022-12-19 | Views:1100
With the rapid development of cutting-edge technologies such as informatization and the Internet of Things, the market's demand for high-quality QR code scanning modules has accelerated. In particular, the qr code decoding chip and the core technology two-dimensional code recognition engine are expanding in the commercial application field, and this technology is gradually being applied in various industries.

As far as we are familiar with the gate passage industry, whether it is a subway gate or a community epidemic prevention pedestrian passage gate, it is equipped with a "code scanning port". It can be seen that this technology has far-reaching significance for technological innovation in the field of smart security. On the one hand, the two-dimensional code scanning module has a simple interface, easy integration, low cost, and small size. It can make the design of professional barcode reading equipment and equipment simpler and more powerful. On the other hand, it greatly reduces the technical threshold for non-professional information terminal equipment to apply QR codes, and can provide market-oriented and various IoT applications with updated, cost-effective and competitive product solutions to promote IoT application innovation and business model innovation.
As far as the scanning code recognition scene is concerned, the public is now more active in the application of embedded scanning technology such as QR code scanning modules. Looking at the entire market, in recent years, shopping malls and supermarkets, mobile payment, logistics and warehousing, ticket inspection, medical industry, manufacturing and other occasions are inseparable from scanning codes, high-performance image decoding technology, and rigidly require the market to launch two The two-dimensional code scanning module must easily identify various colored barcodes (mobile phone screen codes), blurred barcodes, stained barcodes and damaged barcodes, etc., and needs to meet the strict integration requirements of customers.

Shenzhen RAKINDA, as a product and solution provider with barcode identification as its core technology, is committed to providing various intelligent identification solutions for industry customers. In the future, Shenzhen Rakinda will continue to follow the simple but profound business promise, that is, "your satisfaction is our pursuit"! We always tailor the most suitable products and services for customers according to the actual needs of customers, and truly achieve "the company is attentive and the customers are at ease"! Regarding how to configure the QR code scanning module and how to install the QR code scanning module correctly, we can provide many solutions.

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