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Application of Embedded Barcode Scanning Module
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2023-01-30 | Views:965
The barcode scanning module belongs to the field of automatic identification, and its main function is embedded barcode scanning technology. Terminal applications include secondary development of mainstream equipment applications such as scanners, self-service terminals, access control gates, and high-speed toll stations.

The scanning module is the core part of barcode recognition of various intelligent terminals. It has independent barcode recognition and collection functions, and supports barcode two-dimensional code recognition for paper, electronic screens, labels, etc. For example, health code collection equipment can quickly decode and verify. The scanning window of the self-service vending machine can scan various barcodes and mobile phone screen codes. There are also subway entrances and exits, which can identify mobile phone screen codes and electronic chips. These applications are functions implemented by embedded scan code modules.

The barcode scanning module has brought the transformation and upgrading of intelligent automation to various industries. In the stage of modern equipment and the information age, the identification and data transmission of data information is a powerful guarantee for combat. Since barcode scanning is the basis for the innovation and development of the Internet of Things industry, and the application of scanning codes in various industries can basically be completed through repeated scanning work, so the use of embedded barcode modules can greatly improve management efficiency and market competitiveness.

How to choose an embedded scanning module. The following points should be noted:

1. What kind of barcode scanning module is needed, fixed scanning module or embedded scanning module. At present, both fixed and embedded barcode scanning modules on the market can be installed and integrated into the device, depending on the size of your machine's reserved space and the scanning environment for determination.

2. Consider whether the main scanning medium of the scanning module is the barcode on paper or the barcode information on an electronic screen such as a mobile phone.

3. Which language does the secondary development kit support under the Windows/Android/Linux development environment.

4. Have any special requirements for application, scanning distance and depth of field, reading speed, output interface, support for secondary development, price, etc.

5. It is recommended not to just focus on the brand when choosing a scanning module, but to understand the brand power, reputation, product quality, company innovation ability and after-sales service of the manufacturer. Because choosing a non-scanning module will inevitably require communication and technical support with the manufacturer, which can save you a lot of development and deployment time.

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