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RAKINDA launches industrial-grade DPM code reader
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2023-12-25 | Views:589
The process of industrial informatization is constantly accelerating, and the traceability management methods of parts in the electronics industry should also keep pace with the times. Recently, an electronics manufacturing company in Shenzhen introduced the industrial-grade DPM code reader launched by RAKINDA into its automated production line and achieved remarkable results. After using the DPM code reader, they can quickly and accurately read the DPM codes on electronic components and upload the data to the production management system. This allows them to trace the production process and quality of each component in a timely manner, improving production efficiency and product quality.

It is understood that RAKINDA's newly launched industrial-grade DPM code reader uses advanced image processing technology and high-resolution image sensors to quickly and accurately read one-dimensional barcodes, PDF417 and 2d barcodes, and even various automated assembly lines in the electronics industry. Direct Engraving Mark (DPM) code on the part. Whether it is a tiny PCB board or a complex precision electronic part, this code reader can easily handle it and achieve high-speed and stable recognition results.

We know that in the current automated production lines in the electronics industry, traceability and quality control of parts are very important. DPM code, as a QR code marked directly on parts, has better durability and reliability. In the production environment of the electronics industry, materials may often be exposed to harsh conditions such as corrosion, wear, and high temperatures, and DPM codes can remain clearly visible in these harsh environments. Therefore, many electronic manufacturing companies use DPM codes as identification marks, which not only improves the recognition rate, but also greatly reduces the risk of misjudgment and missed identification.

Industrial-grade DPM code readers are designed to quickly and accurately identify and collect information on DPM codes, and to trace production process data to provide an efficient barcode recognition solution. This fixed code reader is used on automated assembly lines in the electronics industry. The specific applications are roughly as follows:

1. Quickly identify parts: Industrial-grade DPM code readers can quickly and accurately identify DPM codes on various parts in the electronics industry. On the automated assembly line, just place the parts under the code reader to complete efficient identification.
2. Data collection and traceability: By connecting to the data system in the automated assembly line, the industrial-grade DPM code reader can upload the read data to the system in real time, including the serial number of the parts, production date and other information. In this way, data collection and traceability of the electronic product production process can be realized, and the controllability and quality management level of the production process can be improved.
3. Quality control and abnormal alarm: On the automated assembly line, the industrial-grade DPM code reader can realize rapid detection of component quality and abnormal alarm through connection with the quality control system. If there is a quality problem, the code reader will immediately send out an alarm to notify relevant personnel to handle it.

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