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How to choose a barcode reading module manufacturer?
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2024-03-20 | Views:450

Have you noticed that whether it is industrial production, retail shopping malls, logistics, medical health and other fields, there have been many applications in mobile phone screen barcode reading, paper barcode reading and 1D/2D barcode scanning and recognition. The application fields of 2D hard decoding scanning heads also cover all walks of life. For example, express cabinet scanning, self-service vending machines, automatic gate systems, bus and subway ride code and other reading equipment are equipped with 2D hard decoding scanning heads, that is, embedded barcode reading modules. This kind of hard decoding scanning heads are usually It supports dynamic decoding, is highly shockproof and more sensitive, has higher-precision barcode reading performance and scanning distance, and can adapt to more complex application scenarios. It is the core component of all barcode scanning equipment.


At present, the application of barcode reading modules has penetrated into all aspects of our lives. What kind of scanning modules should various system integrators and hardware integrators embed to satisfy customers? What kind of barcode reading module can meet user needs? Below, Shenzhen RAKINDA will share with you several popular barcode reading modules/2D hard decoding scanning heads on the market.


Barcode reading module manufacturer, rakinda has focused on QR code related technology and hardware R&D and manufacturing for 24 years. It is a professional barcode scanning module, QR code reading module supplier and solution provider, committed to providing industry customers with Various intelligent identification solutions. Shenzhen rakinda always insists on bringing excellent products to every user, such as the LV30/LV4300Pro two-dimensional hard decoding scanning head.


Embedded in POS machine/handheld terminal preferred

The embedded barcode reading module LV30 follows the rakinda brand's consistent high cost performance and reliable quality, and has great advantages among similar products. The LV30 barcode reading engine has excellent barcode reading performance and good barcode reading depth of field, and can easily read various types of barcodes and mobile phone screen barcodes. Its embedded structural design is easy to install, set up and use, allowing you to easily integrate it into a fixed installation housing and provide a complete and complete one-dimensional and 2D barcode scanning solution for its application equipment. .


Embedded in self-service counter/gate access control is preferred

The embedded 2D scanning module LV4300Pro integrates a self-developed QR code decoding chip and a core technology QR code recognition engine. It adopts excellent decoding, lighting and optical technologies, and combines intelligent image recognition technology with a thin and light industrial design concept. , can scan barcodes and QR codes in various environments. 4300Pro can be easily embedded into various OEM products (including handheld, portable, fixed barcode collectors and various self-service equipment, etc.), while providing as many secondary development functions as possible. It aims to provide higher performance and reliability while providing more design space for other integration technologies.

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