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Rakinda unveiled the 2019 Urban Rail Transit AFC Technology Application Seminar
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2019-10-28 | Views:1796
In recent years, with the rise of new technologies such as smart cities, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, intelligent transportation has also received increasing attention. As the leading provider of Internet of Things solutions in China, on October 24, Rakinda unveiled the 16th Urban Rail Transit Automatic Ticketing (AFC) System Technology Application Seminar and AFC Professional Product Exhibition held in Qingdao (Booth No.: F04 ), the site will display the intelligent operation and maintenance system products, including the face recognition device F3, and the scanning code module MTK+TOF. Demonstrate a complete automatic ticket checking system application program to fully meet the needs of the subway AFC system.

The two-day conference was attended by nearly 800 delegates from more than 180 units. Among them, there are 34 subway owners, 11 design institutes, and more than 100 integrators, equipment manufacturers and module manufacturers. The participating units eagerly attended the meeting, and representatives of the participating parties conducted technical exchanges and sharing at the venue, and sought the corresponding countermeasures to promote the healthy and orderly development of the AFC industry.

Our F3 3D TOF camera with higher security supports external QR code scanners and ID card readers, multi-port optional, and real-time detection within 1m read range.

The unique design and rich performance of the product have aroused the interest of the guests. After the speech, a large number of industry experts, subway owners and representatives of the design institute visited the Rakinda booth.

In the future, Rakinda will also start from the business needs of customers, closely integrate the development trend of rail transit, and introduce more diversified industrial communication equipment and solutions for the rail transit industry, and work together with partners to create a bright future for rail transit.

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