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Yantian Counterpart to Help Dongyuan Poverty Relief Products Exhibition Center Unveiling Ceremony
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2019-11-25 | Views:1617

In response to the call of the state and realize the policy of accurate poverty alleviation and poverty eradication, the Yantian government helped Dongyuan County, Heyuan City, embark on the road of getting rid of poverty and becoming rich. At 3 p.m. on November 21, Yantian counterpart helped Dongyuan Poverty Alleviation Product Exhibition and Marketing Center officially held the opening ceremony. Scientific and technological innovation and precision poverty alleviation played an important role in promoting rural revitalization and development and helping to win the battle to get rid of poverty.

The opening ceremony has invited leaders from the Yantian District and Dongyuan County, Qiu Yi-sheng, Yang Wei, Luo Yi and Yan Yunzhi to visit the work. The leaders of the two places have indicated that the Yantian counterpart helped the East source to work for a long time since the work of poverty alleviation in Dongyuan County. Yantian and Dongyuan Co., Ltd. co-established the industrial park for continuous expansion and efficiency, and the results of the poverty alleviation, the provincial, municipal and county three-level poverty alleviation, the evaluation "excellent" and other times.

Chen Juanjuan, general manager of Sunshine Green Source, said that the company will base on the urban marketing of excellent agricultural products and adopt the mode of combining online and offline. Online, that is, to build a "Yantian-Dongyuan Precision Poverty Alleviation Agricultural products production and Marketing docking platform", open up a new retail model, marketing local agricultural and sideline products directly drive the village economic benefits, promote the large-scale development of agricultural e-commerce industrial chain, promote the enthusiasm of helping poor households to develop production, and increase the income of poor households and villagers. Offline, that is, to jointly build a precision poverty alleviation "special excellent agricultural products exhibition and marketing center."

In this context, Shenzhen Rakinda teamed up with the poverty alleviation product exhibition center to take advantage of the online sales channel, and through the AI digital shopping guide as a bridge between the agricultural products and the city people, let people get a close look at the information of each farmer's specialty and its story of going out of town. Set up the AI digital shopping guide for poverty alleviation products. When the products on the smart shelves are picked up, the display will immediately display the product information picked up. Customers can have a deeper understanding of the food source and purchase more food. The smart shelf will also display the product. The help story behind agricultural products and leadership, every purchase of agricultural special products will improve the lives of farmers, not only to send green and healthy agricultural products out of the countryside, to ensure people's food security, so that the results of accurate poverty alleviation can be demonstrated, this move not only makes people understand more The poverty alleviation project and the significance of purchasing the green agricultural products have established an excellent benchmark for precision poverty alleviation. After watching the video, people can also purchase the online code by scanning the QR code on the smart shelf. The agricultural products in Dashan are committed to reducing the circulation of agricultural products, reducing the circulation cost of agricultural products, and helping farmers to open their sales and increase their income.

The project set up a “National Special Product Poverty Alleviation AI Digital Shopping Guide” for Heyuan in the Yantian Counter-Help Center to help Heyuan's high-quality specialty agricultural products to go out of the mountains and enter the city. AI digital shopping guide is an information resource that integrates experience, sales and features. Docking window, effectively expand the marketing channel of Heyuan agricultural special products, promote the industrialization and market development of Heyuan agriculture, and help Heyuan to get rid of poverty. The establishment of a precision poverty alleviation “excellent agricultural product exhibition and sales center” and the joint construction of “Yantian-Dongyuan Precision Poverty Alleviation Agricultural Products Production and Marketing Docking Platform” is one of the paths for Yantian District to help Dongdong’s smooth industrial poverty alleviation project product sales exploration and innovation, and also Yantian District. Adhere to the implementation of industrial poverty alleviation projects and help develop modern logistics industry to solve product sales simultaneously, synchronous planning, simultaneous implementation, and achieve the final results of the last mile of industrial development.

Combining AI digital purchase with traditional agricultural products, people feel the new power injected into poor areas by science and technology, and also feel the determination and action of the regional government to win the fight against poverty through AI digital purchase, expand the propaganda of the national accurate poverty alleviation project, broaden the sales channels of agricultural products, effectively drive the poor farmers to increase income and get rid of poverty, realize rural revitalization, and add luster to the corresponding support work.

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