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Rakinda Brings Intelligent Anti-epidemic Products to the Shanghai Anti-epidemic Materials Exh
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2020-07-03 | Views:1473

From July 1st to 3rd, 2020, the 2020 Shanghai International Anti-epidemic Supplies Exhibition was grandly held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. The organizer of the exhibition strongly invited nearly a thousand well-known companies in the industry to come and help! At that time, Shenzhen Rakinda Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Scanmax Rakinda IoT) participated in the exhibition as an exhibitor, and displayed the facial recognition temperature measurement series, temperature measurement and disinfection integrated machine series and other intelligence in the H02 booth. The brand-new products, new technologies and smart anti-epidemic health code solutions for "epidemic prevention" have attracted many professionals, new and old customers at home and abroad to visit, exchange, and negotiate for good cooperation.

As the industry's recognized global IoT automatic identification application solution industry benchmark, Shenzhen RAKINDA specializes in IoT sensing layer data collection, with three core technologies: barcode recognition, face recognition and radio frequency identification (RFID). Smart new retail, smart campus, smart hotel, smart fitness, smart home, smart medical, smart waste classification and other industries and government units provide digital solutions for the IoT industry, which has been highly praised by the market (ScanMax/Rakinda IoT) .
At this Shanghai Anti-epidemic Materials Exhibition, Scanmax has brought a face temperature measurement and access control integrated machine (vertical / wall-mounted / gate type), a vertical face recognition temperature measurement integrated machine, and face recognition measurement Various series of face recognition and temperature measurement products in different industry applications, such as a temperature terminal, face recognition temperature measurement and health code verification integrated machine, face recognition temperature measurement and disinfection integrated machine, temperature measurement and disinfection station, and smart epidemic prevention and health code solutions.  It attracted wide attention from domestic and foreign experts, new and old customers, stopped and exchanged one after another, and won unanimous praise from on-site industry visitors.
According to the different needs of customers in various industries, Scanmax pursues new technological breakthroughs on the basis of the original intelligent face recognition products of its own brand, and innovatively develops a variety of different series of infrared thermal imaging face recognition tests. Warm products facilitate more efficient public safety prevention and control, and provide data support for the government and disease control departments to deal with related public safety incidents.

During the exhibition, several industry application lectures on face recognition and temperature measurement products spontaneously organized by ScanMax Rakinda IOT attracted the visitors to stay in their footsteps, visit and learn, and understand the application scenarios of the face recognition and temperature measurement integrated machine industry and the advantages of intelligent face recognition temperature measurement products in epidemic prevention and control in special times. For example, the F2-FH series of face recognition, temperature measurement and access control all-in-one machines are simply a great tool for enterprises and institutions to resume work and production, and for intelligent epidemic prevention at the beginning of school. It supports temperature measurement, access control, attendance, and blackout when wearing a mask. List early warning and living body detection functions are integrated, the face temperature measurement efficiency is extremely high, the temperature measurement accuracy can reach ±0.3℃, the records can be stored and exported in a single machine or networked for storage and analysis, and can be used for school gate temperature measurement, enterprise resumption temperature measurement, factory /Office building/park temperature measurement and other places with fixed population flow provide faster, safer and smarter temperature screening and personnel statistics, while avoiding cross-infection caused by queuing temperature measurement, fingerprint check-in, etc., and can effectively track the information of persons with abnormal body temperature. It is very convenient to facilitate the unified management of incoming and outgoing personnel, so that the epidemic situation can be traced and analyzed. Even after the epidemic, it can still be used as a conventional access control, time and attendance terminal integrated machine, which greatly reduces the cost of the enterprise.
In addition, the TF88 temperature measurement and disinfection station (or F2-FHX face recognition temperature measurement and disinfection integrated machine series) has a strong ability of precise temperature measurement and automatic disinfection, which can be applied to non-contact infrared temperature measurement and to pass personnel. The dual requirement of spray disinfection of the hand surface body avoids the potential spread of the epidemic, 1 second efficient temperature measurement + disinfection.
In addition, the F2-FHS face recognition and health code verification all-in-one machine, F6-FHS face recognition, temperature measurement and health code verification all-in-one machine series launched by ScanMax IOT, which has also received extensive attention from industry customers at the exhibition site. The integrated machine with ID card, face, body temperature, health code four-in-one application to recognize face recognition, health code scanning and temperature measurement, can recognize the face without removing the mask, and compare the ID with the ID card, and scan the face at the same time. After the temperature measurement, the health code will be displayed for scanning and inspection. The voice prompts body temperature information and health code color, green code passes, yellow code and red code alarm. It can be widely used in schools/educational institutions, office buildings/property communities, hospitals/banks, and enterprises. Institutions/mansion property service centers, elevator entrances, wholesale markets, government affairs centers and other places.
Now that the Shanghai Anti-epidemic Materials Exhibition has ended, the broad market share of face recognition temperature measurement applications at home and abroad is still extremely high. At present, the above series of face recognition and facial temperature measurement products have been put into the market in batches, and are widely used in various industries and scenarios in the front line of social anti-epidemic, providing domestic and foreign customers with a diversified and comprehensive one-stop artificial intelligence products and services. If you are interested in such applications, please contact us! "The epidemic is ruthless, and the epidemic prevention is sentimental..." ScanMax Rakinda Internet of Things, dedicated to the first line of epidemic prevention products, and professionally provide intelligent epidemic prevention solutions.

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