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The 2020 Rakinda Group Peak Competition: 100-day Battle Started
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2020-10-10 | Views:1286
On October 10th, the 2020 Rakinda Group Peak Competition was launched, and the 100-day battle started. All members of Shenzhen Rakinda participated in the kick-off meeting with joy and passion to welcome the peak competition. In this competition, Shenzhen Rakinda VS Guangzhou Rakinda, aiming to beat the Guangzhou team in the Q4 and get the champion.
The outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 is full of challenges for companies, and they have given birth to many new opportunities. Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared. The outbreak of the epidemic has caused losses and pain to many companies, and we are also experiencing the difficulties brought about by the epidemic. Certainty. However, Shenzhen Vision Masters is facing the epidemic. We leaders and employees are working together to actively research and develop Internet of Things technology, providing a variety of facial temperature measurement, temperature measurement and disinfection, health code recognition and other equipment and products for precise epidemic prevention and health management solution.

It is the positive face, brave innovation, so that RAKINDA to overcome the epidemic COVID-19, the company continues to grow and at the same time to contribute to the society and the country. Now, our precision epidemic prevention products and solutions have been widely used in the world, our barcode scanners and temperature measuring sterilizing dispenser are sold all over the world.

Hundreds of boats are rowing in the rapids of the river, and those who are working hard will be at the forefront. Thousands of sailboats set off on the sea, and those who dare to advance will win.with everyone's hard work, we believe we'll got an good results!we believe that  tomorrow will be better, also future will be better!

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