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Rakinda Face Recognition Health Code Verification Terminal Using in The 4th Digital China Summit
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2021-04-27 | Views:1860

The 4th Digital China Summit was officially open on April 25th, 2021. The summit's epidemic prevention facilities have been fully deployed. As the main venue of this summit, how is the deployment of epidemic prevention measures at the entrances of the passages of the Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center? At the same time, how can we ensure that the epidemic management and control efficiency during the summit is more efficient, so that people can enter the exhibition hall quickly and orderly? Take these issues that the citizens are concerned about, we went to the site together.

Each entrance of the exhibition center is equipped with Rakinda F3 Face Recognition Temperature Measurement with health code integrated machine. The staff of Rakinda demonstrated the process of quickly verifying the health code. According to preliminary calculations, one person will pass in about 1 to 2 seconds, and everyone is very satisfied.

"The entrance of the venues is fully covered by the face temperature measurement health code series products to ensure the epidemic prevention and safety of more than 150,000 guests, exhibitors and personnel of related exhibition projects." The technical staff of Rakinda introduced to reporters that there is a huge flow of people at the entrances and exits of the digital summit venues. In order to ensure comprehensive services for epidemic prevention and control, it is particularly important to optimize and upgrade epidemic prevention facilities.

Before entering and exiting the exhibition hall, personnel must use the smart verification terminal to self-check their identity verification at the designated entrance, and use the Health Code to verify the passage. At the Digital China Summit, a health code verification and face temperature measurement integrated machine was used to provide comprehensive services for epidemic prevention and control at all verification entrances and exits inside and outside the venue, to achieve the effect of automatic and accurate matching of personnel ID information and health information such as body temperature detection, and to ensure the safety of epidemic prevention At the same time, it also provides convenience for participating guests and exhibitors to enter the summit. The facial temperature measurement health code verification terminal recognizes the "Bamin Health Code" or "National Epidemic Prevention Health Information Code" and the resident ID card to quickly, conveniently and safely perform self-service verification, realizing "non-contact, no code change, no stay". The F3 (two-code-in-one) face temperature measurement health code terminal will also bring you a wonderful journey of ingenuity.

Shenzhen Rakinda is the "Health Code Epidemic Prevention Solution" supplier of the Digital China Summit, and was also invited to participate in the exhibition. Its F3 face recognition terminalT8 health code epidemic prevention terminals, and thermal imaging multi-person temperature measurement and screening system provide effective means for the epidemic prevention and control work of the 4th Digital China Summit, and the ability to interpret the results of digital epidemic prevention has been highly recognized. In the future, Rakinda will continue to explore the digital age, digital innovation achievements and application landing, and accelerate the construction of digital China as its own responsibility. With more than 21 years of independent research and development technology experience, it will provide a series of solutions for IoT applications to all walks of life through scenarios and customization. 

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