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AI Face Recognition is Integrated into the Tokyo Olympics Stadium Entrance and Exit Control
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2022-01-18 | Views:906
In the past Olympic Games, because the staff needed to visually check each identity document, a lot of time was spent on security checks. Nowadays, the accuracy of face recognition has reached over 99.5%. Using AI face recognition technology, staff can enter personnel information in the system in advance, and the comparison can be completed within 3 seconds during the security check, which is fast and efficient.

According to reports, more than 40 venues for the Tokyo Olympic Games have introduced facial recognition devices. Identity verification machines containing IC chips at the entrances and exits of the venues will automatically verify the identities of those who enter the venues. The test result shows that even if many people pass quickly, the identification system can complete the authentication very smoothly, and the screen will immediately display the photo of the IC card holder.

As an important public building facility, stadiums and gymnasiums have very large access to people during competitions and various activities, and the entrance and exit control system becomes a safety barrier. Generally speaking, as an independent stadium, the setting of the entrance and exit control system requires offices, passages, and equipment warehouses in the main office area; when sports events are held, referees, staff, teams, broadcast media and other related personnel use Temporary use of houses; in addition, it is to cooperate with the channel control of the ticket checking system. In office areas, such as regional isolation channels, finance, archives, data centers and computer rooms, control centers, etc., card readers with password keyboards will be required to increase the security level of the channels. If necessary, biometric technology, such as fingerprint readers, can be used. Important channels and regional isolation channels use two-way authentication to ensure the complete matching of entry and exit records and set up anti-following functions. Choose electric locks that open the door when the power is cut off to meet the fire protection requirements. According to the form of the door, you can choose a magnetic lock, an electric bolt lock, and an electric lock.

The application areas of the venues are divided according to the function of use. The channels connecting the areas need to be equipped with access control equipment, and the method of two-way authentication shall be adopted to ensure that the areas will not interfere with each other. Authorized persons can enter and exit these areas in both directions, such as security personnel. Set up access control equipment in important temporary rooms and internal areas that need to be controlled, such as VIP rooms, temporary equipment rooms (temporary broadcast equipment, referee equipment), etc., so as to prevent irrelevant personnel from entering the area at will. Other general passages follow General settings.

Rakinda F5 Plus is a high precision AI facial recognition device with built-in card reader and qr code scanner module. Free SDK and api can be provided to save your development time. It can be used as time attendance machine, as well as access control biometric reader for schools, buildings, banks, government sectors, hospitals, etc.

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