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Leaders of Nanwan Sub-district Office visited Shenzhen Rakinda
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2022-04-06 | Views:765
On November 25, Ma Haikun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Nanwan Sub-district Office, and his entourage visited some important enterprises in Lilang Software Park. The purpose of this visit is to do a good job in government-enterprise cooperation services, go deep into the company, listen to the difficulties encountered by the company in its development, give full play to the government's service functions, assist the company in better solving problems, and promote the stability and order of the company develop.

First of all, Ma Haikun, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Nanwan Street Office, visited Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies Co., Ltd., and the staff gave product demonstrations and explanations for the leaders.

Subsequently, Ma Haikun and his entourage visited Shenzhen Hongjinfang Jewelry Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Jinyuyuan Jewelry Co., Ltd. respectively.

The contact between the Nanwan Street Party Working Committee and the enterprises in the area under its jurisdiction. He also learned about the practical difficulties encountered in the development of enterprises, and government departments will spare no effort to do a good job. In enterprise service work, the functions of various functional departments shall be brought into full play to effectively solve some of the constraints and difficulties faced by the enterprise in the development process. At the same time, the government and the park will organize seminars to coordinate and solve common difficulties encountered in the development of enterprises and explore new development models in the future.

Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise and a leader in global Internet of Things technology applications. Rakinda specializes in the data collection of the perception layer of the Internet of Things. Based on the three core technologies of QR code recognition, face recognition and radio frequency identification (RFID), it provides precise epidemic prevention solutions for health code recognition, smart new retail, and smart transportation, smart office, smart campus, smart hotel, smart fitness, smart home, smart medical, smart waste classification and other industries, enterprises and government units provide digital solutions for the Internet of Things industry, which are highly praised by the market.

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