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RAKINDA Face Recognition Automatic Temperature Measurement Program Application
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2022-06-14 | Views:433
一、Project Background:
Nowadays, the epidemic has entered a stage of normalization of prevention and control. Although it has escaped from large-scale quarantine, body temperature testing and accompanying health codes are the new normal in the post-epidemic era. It can be seen from this that in the face of the upcoming fall school reopening and the announcement of the National Health Commission on "All primary and secondary school teachers and students entering the school will be checked for body temperature after the fall and winter school", it can be understood that for a long time to come It is still difficult to leave the temperature monitoring and provide effective "green code". How to deepen the prevention and control of campus epidemics through the use of intelligent technology is a common problem faced by all schools.

二、Current Situation of Campus Epidemic Prevention & Control Management
1、The Problem of Temperature measurement During Epidemic Period
It takes a long time to measure the temperature in the queue, the deviation of the temperature measured by the traditional temperature gun is large, and the difficulty of the temperature measured data statistics is great.
2、The Problem of Health Code Check During Epidemic Period
People with abnormal health codes cannot be queried and checked in real time, which is not conducive to timely prevention and control and health data reporting and management.
3、Student Access Security Issues
Parents cannot accurately know the time when students come and go on campus. Parents need to swipe their cards or sign to pick up their children, and there are many procedures for temporary transfer.
4、Student Status Is Not Available
Parents and teachers will not be able to know when students are in the dormitory, canteen, library, classroom, etc.

三、Solution Construction:
Under this situation, Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies Co., LTD. (referred to as "RAINDA IOT") established a set of face recognition + health code "data collection" management system, strengthen the flow of people in and out of the dormitory building information collection. This scheme by using facial recognition technology and infrared thermal imaging temperature detection technology of identity authentication, at the same time desciption of complete non-contact precision temperature detection and health code identification authentication, through the platform supporting the deployment of fast check in and out of people's health, let the school administrators and parents is very simple and convenient to know students situation as well as the health of the students in school. In each link of the campus, the equipment use scenarios are as follows:
● Campus Gate
Turnstile + face recognition + health code + temperature detection

● Campus Canteen
Face recognition + temperature detection

● Classroom
Face recognition + temperature detection

● Campus Dormitory
Face recognition + temperature detection + health code

Shenzhen RAKINDA was founded in 2000, a national high-tech enterprise, is the industry recognized as the global Internet of Things automatic identification application solution industry benchmark, professional from the Internet of things perception layer data collection, bar code recognition, face recognition and radio frequency identification (RFID) three core technologies, For smart new retail, smart campus, smart hotel, smart fitness, smart home, smart medical, smart waste classification and other industries and government units to provide digital solutions for the Internet of Things industry, has been highly evaluated by the market.

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