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Shenzhen Rakinda Helps the Epidemic Prevention and Control in the 5th Digital China Summit
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2022-08-16 | Views:400

The summit was held in Fuzhou from July 23 to 24, 2022. This year's achievement exhibition set up 12 sections, with an exhibition area of 56,000 square meters and 227 exhibitors. A total of 4,140 products, 2,318 technologies, and 2,156 solutions were displayed, presenting the achievements of digital China construction. Shenzhen Rakinda served as the technical support for the precise epidemic prevention work of this summit, and set up electronic sentinel verification channels at 25 entrances and exits of the summit site to ensure the safe and orderly holding of the digital summit.

During this Digital China Summit, the guests participating in the summit can apply for an exclusive "summit code" through the official mini program of the digital summit, and then they can link the information of the guest's certificate, health and epidemic prevention with one code. Whether it is to pass after arriving at the airport or check-in at a hotel after check-in, or to watch exhibitions at the summit or participate in forum activities, you can fully experience the convenience of "one-yard access". "Summit Code" is a trusted digital identity code relying on the national-level identity authentication service capability. It is equivalent to the exclusive identity certificate during the summit, and starts the digital journey in Fuzhou from one code. When returning, as long as the guests show the "summit code", they can also link their identity information, ticketing information, health and epidemic prevention information, etc., to check-in, security check-in and other links.

Rakinda Electronic Sentinel provides various verification methods such as "summit code", Fujian health code, national government affairs platform health code, ID card, face, etc., to quickly confirm the health status, temperature information, itinerary and nucleic acid detection of the tested person. Achieving "one-yard access" is convenient for guests and crowds to check in and out of the summit venues. According to incomplete statistics, over 150,000 people have been verified by the end of the summit. F3 face recognition device is applied in this summit.

By deploying the application construction of the epidemic prevention Internet of Things at each entrance and exit of the summit site, the Rakinda IoT technical team fully guarantees the stable operation of the health code verification terminal in the crowded scene. At the same time, the digital summit will be empowered with digital epidemic prevention technology to ensure accurate epidemic prevention without fail, which is well recognized by the strength of the enterprise.

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