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RD4300 is Used for Parking Lot Self-service Machine
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2023-03-14 | Views:606

Self-service machine in parking lot, widely used over the world. Recently, Shenzhen Underground Parking Shopping Mall has launched a variety of intelligent self-service payment machines, which can realize the diversification of charging methods more conveniently and quickly, so as to facilitate car owners to pay fees quickly.

The parking lot staff said: "After installing the self-service terminal, the owner can pay for himself and take the car away." The intelligent self-service payment terminal integrates cash payment, bank card payment and barcode automatic embedded 2D code scanning head recognition technology with the parking lot self-payment system, and expands the functions of mobile payment, wechat and aliay payment to meet the diversified payment needs of the public.

With the application of parking self-service toll collection machine, the limit concept of "people must close the door to break the parking fee", users complete the parking fee ahead of schedule through the self-service toll collection terminal to reduce the parking fee caused by congestion caused by the situation, and the parking fee records are automatically entered into the database, and the real-time export report is viewed to effectively supervise the parking fee.
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