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Special QR code embedded scanning module for the medical industry
Source:Powered | Author:admin | Time:2023-10-08 | Views:475
QR code recognition technology is continuously penetrating into every aspect of our lives, and the medical and health field is no exception. Smart medical related applications, especially reading, need to rely on customized built-in QR code modules to support automatic identification solutions. They not only require the ability to scan QR codes, but also require the ability to read QR codes for medical insurance electronic vouchers and medical inspection test tubes. barcode etc. For example, medical instruments, medical equipment and other medical self-service machines can be embedded in the space. It is always hoped to integrate a high-precision QR code scanning module that can be adapted to the medical environment to quickly and accurately collect various QR codes. , barcode, screen code, etc.

It is understood that the embedded QR code scanning module is a barcode reading component that can be embedded in medical equipment. It has the characteristics of high-speed scanning, accurate decoding, high integration and rich interfaces. It supports one-dimensional codes, Recognition of QR codes and various complex code systems. It can read, recognize and interpret the QR code image information through the photosensitive head, and transmit the decoded information to other devices. The emergence of this kind of scanning equipment can make the work in the medical industry more convenient, save the time and energy of medical staff, and at the same time improve the efficiency and accuracy of the medical industry.

In fact, the QR code scanning module dedicated to the medical industry is widely used. It can be used in many aspects such as drug traceability, patient identification, and medical device management. For example, in drug traceability, embedding and integrating the QR code scanning module into the medical handheld device can decode the information on the drug QR code to ensure the source and quality of the drug, thereby ensuring the safety of patient medication. In terms of patient identification, the 2d scanning module is embedded and integrated into medical equipment. By scanning the barcode on the wristband worn by the patient, the patient's identity and medical record information can be quickly and accurately identified, thus avoiding manual identification errors and missed diagnoses. . In terms of medical device management, embedding and integrating the QR code scanning module into medical equipment can scan the QR code on the medical equipment and quickly and accurately record the usage and inventory of medical equipment, thereby improving the efficiency of medical supplies. management efficiency. The following is a cost-effective embedded QR code scanning module for the medical industry:

RAKINDA LV3396 is a QR code embedded scanning head specially customized for medical diagnostic and analysis equipment OEMs. The code scanning device adopts an embedded design and can be directly embedded into medical equipment without the need for external equipment, thus saving space and reducing the complexity of the equipment. At the same time, the operation of the code scanning device is also very simple. You only need to put the QR code into the scanning window of the device, and it can be automatically scanned and decoded without entering complex instructions, which reduces the workload of medical staff.

In terms of performance, the LV3396 QR code scanning module uses CMOS imaging technology + an internationally leading intelligent graphic recognition system, which can easily read high-density, long barcodes and QR code information in various medical environments. It has built-in laser positioning The engine can realize the function of accurately and quickly reading barcodes; it adopts a sterilizable body shell, which can effectively resist the corrosive effect of harsh detergents commonly used in medical care environments. It has high reading accuracy, has digital image acquisition function, and has low power consumption. , no noise is generated, and at the same time, it provides users with a wealth of data communication interfaces, focus lighting methods and secondary development functions for you to choose from.

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